How-to Increase-Twitter-Followers up to 73,334 followers in 89 days...


I gained 73,334 followers in 89 days...

“Twitter is the Goose that Lays Golden Eggs – But You Have to Use It Right” -- Here are my web-stats


Sean Malarkey, one of the most followed Twitterers with 118,492 followers says:

“You Will Have Increased your Twitter Followers to Hundreds (maybe THOUSANDS) more followers by next week”

    Why and how-to Increase Twitter Followers?

  • KEY POINT ONE You need followers.
  • No matter how compelling your Tweets, if nobody is following you, nobody will read them. In order to create a steady flow of visitors and profits you need thousands of followers.
  • KEY POINT TWO You need readers.
  • But just having followers only builds your ego, not your bank account. If you want to make a profit you need to have followers that are actually reading your tweets.
  • KEY POINT THREE You need credibility.
  • Now this is the part almost everyone misses. If you want people to respond to your tweets and take the actions that put money in your pockets, you have to be someone those readers trust.
  • KEY POINT FOUR You need products.
  • Nobody makes a profit until someone buys something. I have perfected methods of choosing affiliate products that your followers can't wait to get their hands on. These products turn your tweets into cold, hard cash.

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